Welcome to PRISME

The Pharmaceutical R&D Information Systems Management Executives Forum (“PRISME Forum”)

Mission. The mission of PRISME will be to provide a forum for the exchange of non-commercially sensitive information among its Members in order to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of global Research and Development Information Management and Information Technology (“R&D IT”) organizations within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical (“biotech and pharma”) industries. PRISME will be devoted to improvement of general business conditions in the biotech and pharma industries and will not provide any services that would normally be carried out for profit. PRISME will observe all relevant anti-trust requirements and will not facilitate or allow discussions regarding commercially sensitive or confidential information. PRISME will not engage in any political or legislative activities.

Goals. The major goals of PRISME will be to:

(a) Establish and maintain a network among the Members (as defined in Article III) that fosters open communication of non-commercially sensitive information.

(b) Educate Members regarding best practices in R&D IT in the biotech, pharma and other industries.

(c) Promote the development and use of open standards for applications utilized in biotech and pharma R&D.

(d) Create opportunities for open and informal dialogue between the Membership and suppliers of IT products used in biotech, pharma R&D and related life sciences organizations.

(e) Alert Members to new and emerging information technologies and products of special relevance to biotech and pharma R&D.

(f) Operate at all times within the statement of compliance as set out in Section 4 of Article III below.

Activities. The major activities of PRISME will include:

(a) Semi-annual meetings of the Members (usually once in Europe/once in North America);

(b) Commissioning of working groups to conduct research and investigation into topics of interest to the Members;

(c) Inviting experts to present technology and product development overviews to the Members;

(d) Conducting benchmarking exercises regarding general directions and trends in R&D IT management or technology among the Member companies (without disclosing directly or indirectly any proprietary or commercially sensitive information);

(e) Special Interest Groups will be utilized to focus on specific topics of note to the Membership.


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